Brandon Woelfel Skillshare Class

During my time in #lockdown, I have tried to focus and dedicate some time on photography. This included creating and publishing my website, doing photoshoots at home with family and watching many videos on how to take and edit photos in different ways for different projects. One of the most valuable and interesting videos I watched was the 'Instagram-Worthy Photography: Shoot, Edit & Share with Brandon Woelfel' on Skillshare.

For those of you who haven't heard of Brandon Woefel, here's a little bit of background.

Brandon is a freelance portrait photographer based in Long Island, New York. After teaching himself photography as a child, Brandon started his photography career when he was in college and has gone on to work with brands such as Buzzfeed, Apple, Nikon and Urban Outfitters. The magical use of lighting and colour makes Brandons style and portraiture completely unique, something that has now gained him more than 3 million followers on Instagram.

Brandon Woelfel has been someone I have followed on Instagram for a while now and is a big inspiration for me when it comes to taking portraits, so to be able to have a proper behind the scenes look at his whole process from preparing for the shoot, to presenting the final edited photo was quite inspiring. The class has definitely provided me with new insight and ideas for when I can get out and get some portrait sessions started again, along with how to edit and even use camera settings differently.

From first inspiration to final polish, go behind the scenes as Brandon shares his full process for capturing one-of-a-kind portraits and action shots. You’ll hit the streets for a photoshoot, and then head back to the studio to make selects, edit daytime and nighttime shots, and prepare a post for Instagram. Every step is packed with helpful tips and unexpected hacks developed over Brandon’s journey from teaching himself photography in his childhood bedroom to inspiring over three million followers on Instagram!

The class is just over 1 hour long, and I would hugely recommend to anyone!

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