Gear I Use.

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Here is a list of photography equipment and products I use and love!

  • CAMERA: I currently use the Canon EOS R camera. Prior to this, I had the Sony A7Rii. I can fully recommend both these cameras. The main reason I switched from Sony to Canon was because of the interface. I found the Sony was very difficult and lengthy to find and change settings - the lack of touch screen was a massive factor of this. Although the Sony A7Rii was, and still is, a very impressive camera, I am really pleased with my Canon EOS R. I find the Canon much more user friendly, the battery lasts wayyy longer and with the benefits of being a full-frame and mirrorless camera, I really struggle to fault it. I even like the little adjustable touch bar!

  • LENS: The Canon RF 50mm f1.2 is the newest addition to my camera gear. And WOW! I am so impressed with this lens, it is very pricey but a total game-changer for me and has become my main lens for shooting portraits and weddings. The other lens in my camera bag is the Canon RF 24-105mm f4 which is the standard kit lens that is available to buy with most cameras in a bundle. My next lens purchase will most likely be an 85mm or 35mm as I am keen to add one of these to my kit. (The Canon RF 85mm f1.2 would be lovely but is sooo expensive! #photographerproblems)

  • FLASH: I use the Nissin i60A and Air 10s commander. Whilst I had the Sony A7Rii I used the Nissin i60A Sony fit, however as you can imagine, when I replaced my Sony with the Canon, this flash was no longer compatible. Because of this, I purchased a Nissin i60A for Canon and the Air 10s commander which means I can now use both i60As through the Air 10s - so I now have 2 flashguns and a commander, all of which can be used simultaneously.

  • ACTION CAMERA: The Osmo Action is a great little action camera, definitely on par with the GoPro range, but works out abit cheaper on the whole. I am yet to test this out fully, but what I have used it for so far has been great, high resolution footage.

  • BAG: The best camera bag ever! I have the WANDRD PRVKE 31L camera bag, which doubles up as a normal backpack if needed. I 100% recommend this bag to anyone, photographer or not. You can read more about this bag here.

  • COMPUTER & iPAD: I have an Apple iMac 21.5” which I use to edit all my photos and an iPad Pro to help with this at times by mirroring my screen so I can get really close and edit using my Apple pencil.

  • EDITING SOFTWARE: Adobe Lightroom is the main program that I use to edit photos, however I do sometimes use Adobe Photoshop to tweak images and try out different effects. I am subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud which gives me access to these programs at a cost of £19.99 a month.