My Photography Inspiration.

Updated: May 17, 2020

Like with any output involving social media there is always the image or idea that you see on Instagram which you try to, or want to recreate in your own unique style. For me, relating to the field of photography, I don’t see this as a bad thing at all - if anything, it makes me look at different styles and try new things. It helps me find my own style (which I am definitely still working on).

In this blog post, I am going to share the people and accounts that I always look to for inspiration and that make me think "wow, thats such a great photo" or "I really want to try this".

So keep scrolling for some of my favourite instagram accounts.

• @silkymerman - Ben Ono

Looking at this feed makes me want to hop on a plane straight to Hawaii, learn to dive and surf and to take epic shots underwater. I love Ben Onos’ documentary style of photography, most of his instagram posts are a series of his adventures and there is a sense of story-telling without the photos even being described. The style, layout and rich tones of the sea are incredible. Even though I cannot take photographs underwater myself, what with being based in literally the 'Midlands' of the UK, not having the correct equipment, or even the skillset to do this, I really admire the depths that he goes to for these shots (pun not intended).

• @darylswalker - Daryl Scott Walker

Daryl is a freelance photographer based in the North East of England. I find his distinct, moody style of photography and editing truly captivating and unique. I love the beauty and rawness that is portrayed in the natural landscapes in his photos. The way Daryl uses lines and shapes to form a composition and draw focus to a specific point or object is amazing. I’m a fan of both his freelance and wedding instagram accounts (@darylscottwalker), along with his photographic portfolio and new blog.

(NOTE TO SELF: Must go and visit the North East of England!)

• @petermckinnon - Peter McKinnon

I have been watching and following Peter McKinnon for about 4 years now. I’ve watched his tutorials, short films, and still watch them now for inspiration and to learn new things. After watching ‘The Bucket Shot’, it made me appreciate the lengths that people go to for that one shot - it's inspiring. It also made me want to visit and photograph Moraine Lake along with all the other famous Canadian landscapes - I mean, who wouldn’t?!

Of course, there are so many photographers and accounts that I find inspiring, but if I were to list them all on here I'm pretty sure it would be the longest blog post ever!

What are your favourite accounts? Comment down below.

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