WANDRD PRVKE 31L - The best camera bag?

Updated: May 7, 2020

With the camera bag market constantly growing and changing, it can be difficult to decide on a bag that suits all of your needs and looks good at the same time. After weeks of searching online for the 'perfect' camera bag I came across WANDRD.

A little bit of background info on the company. WANDRD was set up by 3 brothers; Ryan, Spencer and Austin Cope, after they struggled to find a camera bag that was both functional and good looking. In October 2015, the very first bag was launched on Kickstarter, the PRVKE Pack. Their second Kickstarter campaign, about a year after this, took their business to a whole new level, and in their own words 'we started a growth spurt that has yet to slow down'.

The PRVKE sits somewhere inbetween an everyday backpack, travel backpack, and of course a camera bag. It is available in two sizes (21L and 31L), three colours (black, green or blue), and on its own, or part of a Travel or Photography Bundle.

After much research and deliberation I decided to purchase a WANDRD PRVKE 31L, along with the Photography Bundle which includes a rain-fly cover, waist straps, accessory straps and the all important camera cube (medium).



  • Dimensions: 17″H X 11″W X 6.5″D

  • Volume: 21 L to 25 L (roll top fully extended)

  • Weight: 1.3 kg (2.8 lbs)


  • Dimensions: 19″H X 12.5″W X 7.5″D

  • Volume: 31 L to 36 L (roll top fully extended)

  • Weight: 1.5 kg (3.4 lbs)


Initially, I was a little sceptical as to whether this bag would be as practical as it is stylish and whether it would offer enough for a photographer to become a camera bag worthy of the name. However, I was happily surprised with the amount of space! I was able to fit all of my camera equipment, including chargers and accessories into the main bag compartment and could then fit a 15" laptop in the specific slot on the inside of the back panel. Even with all of this in the PRVKE, I still had alot of room - made even bigger with the expandable roll top which adds an extra 4L of storage space!

For stress-heads, like myself, knowing that my camera equipment and personal belongings are safe is a huge benefit. The main entrance for this bag is at the back, meaning all of your camera gear is secure. For added convenience, you have a quick access side pocket which links through to the camera cube, making it super easy for you to access your camera to get that quick all-important shot.

To top it off, this bag fits into hand luggage restrictions for travel. I took my PRVKE on a Ryanair flight to Budapest as hand luggage and had absolutely no problems.


So, what about style? I 100% feel confident and stylish with this bag. Yes it's a backpack, and I know for some people this would be off-putting (especially for women), however I have tried an over-the-shoulder tote style bag for cameras before, and in my opinion, these just do not work. They are way to bulky and if you are wanting something to carry around all day, they just aren't practical. But back to the PRVKE... One thing that I absolutely love about this bag is that it does not shout "CAMERA BAG!" to each and every person you walk past. Its appearance is very understated but it has everything you would need as an everyday bag, a commuter/travel bag and a photography bag.

Also, the PRVKE is super comfortable to wear and use for hours on end. The structured back panels and shoulder straps have plenty of padding but feel really fitted, even when using the maximum capacity of the bag. I could wear it all day and not have problems with shoulder ache, back pain or just generally being uncomfortable.


The big question! And a tough questions as everyone has a different view on money.

Personally, I am so glad I paid slightly more to get this bag and all the accessories. I wanted a photography bag that was stylish, practical, comfortable and spacious. For me, The WANDRD PRVKE 31L ticks all of those boxes. There are definitely cheaper camera bags out there that can probably give WANDRD a run for their money. But personally, I would always prefer to spend that little bit extra and be completely satisfied with the product.

Priced at around £270 (31L and photography bundle - cheaper options available), I know this is an expensive bag and totally understand that for some people this will be out of budget. However, I do recommend looking at their site and just seeing what they offer. With the added bonus of a lifetime guarantee, you really can't go wrong.


  • The size of this bag. The roll-top size adjustment is great for those slightly longer trips where you need a little more space.

  • The practicality. The quick camera access on the left side is amazing!

  • All the hidden pockets, especially the ones for keys and passports.

  • Material. It’s so strong, repels light rain without the rain cover, and doesn’t mark.

  • Back access. Stress no more! I will never be worried about my things being pinched with this bag as you cannot access the inside without having to take the bag off.



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